Religious Contributions

Religious Contributions

Manoj Jain is active in Jain community and is a member of various Jain sanstha / organizations.

ISHIKA Bulk SMS connects the entire Digambar Jain samaj / community in West Bengal. Role of Ishika in uniting Jains for any religious / social activities is inevitable and involves usage of technology in a practical way. was launched by Manoj Jain to gather support through the means of online petition to protect the jain holy place – Shikarji. The website was a grand success and appreciated by all. The online petition was signed by thousands of people in India & abroad. This website was supported by several jain social organisations / sanstha.

Manoj Jain conceptualized the development of Kolkata Jain Samaj Online Directory – Mobile App which was launched by SriJinvaram, Kolkata. Developed by Ishika Tech.

He also launched a mobile app for Humcha Padmavati Mata. 

He was very active in mass rally done at Kolkata to support salekna and for protest against attack on Jain muni.

Manoj Jain served as publicity secretary for Vidhan 513 #vidhan513 ( ) at Kolkata in November 2019. 

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